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Many logistics software businesses offer supply chain solutions which covers the entire process of products delivery from seller to buyer. Leading logistics software company Magaya, offers Supply Chain Alternative which gives businesses the functionality of a Freight System, warehouse management system and an ecommerce system. In addition you get purchasing capacities and additional sales to link all of your processes from Quotations to Purchase Orders and cargoes. The Purchasing Procedure The purchasing procedure begins with a Purchase Order (PO) created in the Magaya Supply Chain Solution, containing all the information regarding the order. The PO is sent to provider or the maker. Convert the PO into a Collection Order. Then the goods is sent to the warehouse. When the freight arrives, the Collection Order can be automatically converted into a Warehouse Receipt (WR). The accounting section can immediately use the original PO to create a statement that goes to Accounts Payable and is later used to pay the supplier. The Sales Process The sales process starts with a customers inquiry for goods and delivery. п»ї

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Create a Quotation in the Supply Chain Solution and e-mail it. All the advice from the Quotation can be converted into a Sales Order and mechanically transferred to your shipping order. International transportation and local deliveries can be processed with all trade instruction manual contained like the Bill of Lading, Air Waybill, Cargo Manifest and others. The details from shipment, Sales Order, and the Quotation are processed mechanically through the integrated accounting system in the Magaya Supply Chain Option. Invoices are cheap video editing software created and processed. Main Attribute Of The Warehouse Management System Quotations Storage and delivery costs included Pick Up Orders Pickup and delivery charges contained Warehouse Receipts Maintain an archive of arrival and place of cargo Create endeavors to receive and put away cargo using Magaya WMS Mobile Cargo Releases Maintain accurate documentation of time, release date, and delivery carrier Create jobs Load and to Decide orders using Magaya WMS Mobile Warehouse Inspector Define locations for receiving, storage, quality control, a holding place, etc. Handle storage capacity to reduce empty spaces and create efficiency Inventory Control Applications Just-in-Time Inventory Stock Cycle and Physical Counts Management Stock by SKU or Serial Numbers 24 Hour Inventory Visibility Accessible to your customers in real-time via Magaya Automatic Bill The Tariff characteristic calculates automatically prices Invoices are created automatically by the Continuing Invoicing feature Integrated Accounting System Features Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable Banking and Checking Account Financial Reports Sets Reports Multicurrency choices

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